Club policies and Regulations

West Tradies supports the provision of a responsible gambling environment for all patrons.
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The club is bound by government legislation and its own policies set by the Board of Directors.  These policies can be reviewed here: Privacy, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Responsible Conduct of Gaming and Dress Regulations.

Please note that a Player Activity Statement is available on request.


This Club:
Recognises that it is against the law to serve any customer to intoxication.
Recognises that it is against the law to serve or supply alcohol to any patron under the age of 18.
Recognises that it against the law to allow intoxicated, disruptive or violent behaviour to occur on the premises.
Seeks to ensure that no harm comes to patrons as a result of our service of alcohol.

General Principles

  • Non-alcoholic beverages are provided for and are priced lower than full strength beverages.
  • Carafes/jugs of (iced) water are provided on a complimentary basis and are regularly refilled.
  • This club seeks to create an environment that discourages drunken, disruptive or violent behaviour.
  • This club does not seek to encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol through pricing mechanisms(eg: happy hours, free drinks for women etc,)
  • If the service is refused, our staff will politely explain to the patron(s) that the premises cannot legally serve alcohol to the point of intoxication.

Underage Drinking
These premises have surveillance procedures designed to detect underage patrons seeking to enter the premises.
If a staff member believes that a patron who is ordering or being supplied alcohol is under 18 years of age, they will politely request appropriate identification of proof of age (passport, photo proof of age card or photo drivers licence).
If the patron cannot, or refuses to produce identification, the staff member will notify the Supervisor on duty.
The Supervisor will explain to those patrons suspected of being younger than 18 years, that licensed premises are legally required to refuse service to patrons who have no appropriate proof of age identification.
If the patrons are less than 18 years of age, or fail to produce identification, the Supervisor will politely refuse service of alcohol and ask the patron to leave the premises. An Incident Book is maintained to record all occasions on which proof of age identification is required and consequences of that request.

Disruptive, Violent or Intoxicated Behaviour
This Club does not allow intoxicated persons to enter the premises and/or remain on the premises.
If a staff member becomes aware that a patron’s behaviour is becoming disruptive or violent, they will notify the Supervisor or Security Steward, the Security Steward or Supervisor will seek to reduce the behaviour be encouraging the patron’s companions to intervene and/or provide service that may defuse the situation. (In the case of violent behaviour, the patron will be asked to leave the premises immediately).

If the behaviour cannot be reduced by the above strategies, the Security Steward will approach the patron and inform them that the establishment is legally obliged to prevent violent, disruptive or intoxicated behaviour and request that the behaviour cease.

If the behaviour does not cease, the Security Steward will request that the patron leave the premises. As a last resort, police will be called to remove the patron. In seeking to deal with a disruptive, violent or intoxicated patron, staff should take maximum precautions to ensure that they (the staff) come to no harm. Management will not place other staff in positions where they might come to harm as a result of dealing with a violent, disruptive or intoxicated person.

Patrons’ Safety
Staff members will seek to advise and encourage patrons to monitor and moderate their consumption if it is known by our staff that a patron intends to drive from the premises. Staff members will seek to discourage patrons who appear to have a blood alcohol concentration higher than the legal limit for driving. Staff will assist in any way possible to provide alternative services for patrons who may have consumed excessive alcohol. ie:

  • holding car keys.
  • overnight parking facilities
  • suggesting alternative transport arrangements
  • support of designated drivers who do not drink

Refusal of Service
If a staff member feels that a patron is becoming intoxicated, alternative options will be offered. eg: non alcoholic drinks.  If a patron is intoxicated, the staff member will inform a Supervisor who will politely inform the patron that further service of alcohol is illegal and could jeopardise the Club’s Liquor Licence. If a patron is refused service for being intoxicated, the Supervisor will notify the Security Steward. Patrons who are in a state of intoxication will be asked to leave the premises by the Security Steward or Supervisor. Assistance by the Police may be called if a patron refuses to leave.

Support of the Above Policies
This policy has been endorsed by the Board of Directors.
All staff have been informed about this policy and its associated procedures.
This establishment seeks to publicise and promote its position on Responsible Serving Practices.
The Board and Management seek the support of all members to promote this policy and ensure that the club maintains its responsible position to its members and the local community.